Wil Wheaton Shows Off A Mysterious Gift In Today's Daily TwitPic

Wil WheatonMake no mistake about it: Wil Wheaton has it going on. The former "Star Trek" actor has transformed himself from his boyish Wesley Crusher image to become an author, columnist and veritable lightning rod for all things geeky goodness — and his geek icon status hasn't gone unnoticed by those around him.

Today's Daily TwitPic refers to a curious comment Wheaton made yesterday. He gloated about "the wrap gift [he] got from [his] hair and makeup goddesses," following the statement with a photo of his alleged gift. But the photo contains various items and objects that could easily be gifts. Is he referring to the photo's natural focal point, Wheaton's dolphin-studded T-shirt? Is he talking about the various pieces of equipment in the background behind him? Perhaps those two rings on each hand are new gifts from the makeup department. You just never know with Wheaton!

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