'Despicable Me' Has Us Thinking About The Most Despicable Villains In Movie History!

Steve Carrell isn't an actor we would typically think of as being despicable, but that seems to be the point of "Despicable Me." The villain he voices, Gru, actually ends up having a heart of gold -- as it turns out, he's not so despicable after all.

But there are quite a few other villains out there who are not as redeemable by the time their movies end. Here's a look at some of the most despicable bad guys in movie history, who we're sure will be keeping audiences terrified for years to come!

Mama Fratelli

How Sloth was able to stand Mama Fratelli for so long in "The Goonies" is beyond us, because she is one of the most despicable villains from one of the most lovable movies we can possibly think of. Goonies never say die, but this is one villain we wish we could say met an unfortunate demise.

John Doe

When it comes to twisted villains, John Doe in "Se7en" is pretty high up there. He gives Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) his wife's head in a box, for goodness sake! It's one of those movies that, even though we know the ending, we hope Mills is able to contain his Wrath and prove Doe wrong.

Lord Voldemort

He willingly split his soul into seven parts by killing, even if it meant killing an infant. He started a genocide against Muggles and non-pure blood wizards just because he could. And he's played by the delightfully despicable Ralph Fiennes. If Lord Voldemort isn't despicable, we don't know who is.

Freddie Kruger

We're choosing the original Robert Englund version of Freddy Kruger, but even Jackie Earle Haley's new nightmare is a pretty nasty villain. Any child molester deserves to be on a bad guy list, but one who never dies and nails those witty one liners is a step above the rest.

Senator Palpatine/The Emperor

Say what you will about the "Star Wars" prequels, but we must say that getting to know Senator Palpatine before he became the evil Emperor did make us hate the man even more than we did in the originals.

The Joker

Sorry Jack Nicholson, but Heath Ledger took The Joker to a whole new level of despicability in "The Dark Knight." He completely owned that performance and gave us a villain that both terrified and fascinated us, and will set the bar for despicable villains for years to come.

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