'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Anticipates Penelope Cruz's Fiery Performance

Captain Jack Sparrow is sailing the Caribbean seas without Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann in the currently shooting "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," but he's certainly not alone — actor Johnny Depp is joined by a colorful cast of characters including Ian McShane and "Pirates" veteran Geoffrey Rush. Then, of course, there's Penelope Cruz, joining the production as Jack Sparrow's latest love interest — a lethal lady who just so happens to be a cunning pirate, much like Sparrow himself.

"She's so fiery and fun," producer Jerry Bruckheimer told MTV News about Cruz's involvement in the "Pirates" franchise. "I can just imagine how the screen is going to sizzle with [Cruz and Depp] on it."

In addition to the various new cast members, "Pirates 4" is also moving forward with a brand new director in the form of Rob Marshall. Bruckheimer said that despite Marshall's relatively new status on the "Pirates" front, he's already quite comfortable in the Caribbean waters.

"Rob has figured out the tone of 'Pirates' and is playing right into what the other three pictures were," said the producer. "He gets it."

As the director of the song-and-dance oriented "Nine," Marshall initially seemed like an odd choice to helm the fourth "Pirates" film. But Bruckheimer said that Marshall's "Nine" sensibilities are actually going to come in handy for the swashbuckling franchise's latest installment.

"He was a dancer and a choreographer before he was a director, so he loves movement," said Bruckheimer. "We're going to have a lot of movement fun in it."

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