Warwick Davis Wants A 'Willow' Reunion With Val Kilmer On His New Mockumentary Series!

Here at MTV, we've long hoped for a sequel to "Willow." Luckily, we're not alone, as actor Warwick Davis has told us multiple times that he would love to follow through on "Willow 2," a sequel to his 1980s fantasy flick from George Lucas. While we're not necessarily closer to a second "Willow," Davis has designs on the next best thing: a reunion between the wand-wielding wizard and Val Kilmer, the erstwhile Madmartigan!

Let's back up a bit: during the grand premiere of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, MTV's Josh Horowitz sat down with Davis and discussed "Life's Too Short," the actor's developing BBC mockumentary from "The Office" co-creators Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

"I have a much bigger ego in the series," he told MTV of the exaggerated version of himself at the center of the show. "The kind of personal life I have in the series is quite different from my real personal life. I do talk about being in 'Star Wars,' 'Harry Potter' and 'Willow.' [My character is] obsessed with 'Willow' to the point that they're going to have to make 'Willow 2!'"

Enter Kilmer, Davis' "Willow" co-star. According to Davis, he and Kilmer reunite from time to time, and when they do get together, "it's like we've never been apart. We pick up right where we left off and I think he's a really great guy." In fact, the very topic of Kilmer and the fictional "Willow 2" brought on an interesting idea for Davis: getting Kilmer to guest star on "Life's Too Short!"

"It would be good to get him in it, actually," Davis laughed. "It would be funny if I spent my time Skyping with Val Kilmer — that's what we do every night. 'Hey Val! How are you doing?'"

As much as we'd like to see a legitimate "Willow" reunion or even a hilarious one on "Life's Too Short," nothing's set in stone yet. But this isn't the only time that Davis has tried to arrange for a screen reunion with Kilmer — he's written an espionage script called "Agent One-Half" that has a prime role for Kilmer.

"I want him to play a 007 type character, who would be opposite of my fairly bumbling kind of spy character," said Davis, though he admitted that finding financing for the project has been difficult. "It's hard to make a movie, unless you've got a director with a great track record, to get investment in a film, even if the script is amazing."

Would you like to see Davis and Kilmer reunite, either in a "Willow" sequel or another project? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!