'Predators' Star Adrien Brody Endured Fire, Ash And Other Action-Packed Practical Effects

Whether or not you buy Adrien Brody's action hero turn in "Predators" remains a matter of personal preference, but there's no denying that the actor put a lot of effort into following in the very big footsteps of previous "Predator" lead Arnold Schwarzenegger. For Brody, a big part of getting into the character involved the film's reliance on practical effects rather than CGI.

"There are obviously a few CG moments where you don't see what it would be, but for the most part, we were living with practical effects," Brody told MTV News during a press junket for "Predators," out in theaters this Friday. "You get a really good sense of what things are like. Explosions are happening and you're running through walls of fire with flame-retardant gels on. It's hot. You see the flame bursts."

Brody said that the "Predators" production relied so heavily on practical effects that it was almost harmful to the crew's health.

"That epic shot — it's also a great trailer moment — where all the lasers are on us and on Royce, we shot that indoors in the studio space and the entire crew had respirators on and masks," he said. "We were there with this stuff blowing through the air, because it had to be tangible. We had this ash flowing through the scenery and it was amazing. It was supposedly not hazardous, but I doubt it because it never came out of my trailer for the rest of the shoot! But it was amazing, because even the air is tangible, and you know what you're in."

None of that is to say that Brody had a bad experience shooting with practical effects, as he praised the process: "I think it creates a very exciting environment. You've got to do it and get the hell out of there."

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