'Eclipse' Vs. 'Airbender': What's Your Pick For The Top Weekend Warrior?

I wouldn't have thought it would be, but it looks like there's quite a box office showdown shaping up for this weekend. The vampires of "Twilight" hit theaters on Wednesday with the long-awaited release of the David Slade-directed third entry in that franchise, "Eclipse." Seems like a surefire weekend winner.

Then "The Last Airbender" came along last night, thumbing its nose at a mounting number of so-so reviews to open at $16 million. And so, a "Last Airbender" weekend box office upset seems possible, if unlikely. The smart money this weekend is definitely on "Eclipse." And I guess I know how this poll is going to go before I run it. But I'm curious to know how many of you think "Airbender" has a shot at toppling the mighty "Twilight" vampires.