'The Last Airbender' Stars Celebrate A Big Opening In Today's Blurry Daily TwitPic

The Daily TwitPic posted after the jump isn't the most impressive example of fine photography. But it does give me an excuse to talk about the strong opening director M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" had last night. The movie took in a reported $16 million in ticket sales, with the numbers of course bolstered by the higher price of 3-D screenings. While that's still short of the $25 million that "Eclipse" earned -- without the 3-D advantage, it's worth noting -- it is still an impressive figure, one that puts the Nickelodeon cartoon adaptation on track to exceed the predicted $50 million take over the July 4th weekend.

In the incredibly dark and blurry picture after the jump, you can see "Airbender" stars Aasif Mandvi and Dev Patel having a grand old time celebrating the release of the movie. I've heard that it's a strange experience for fans of "The Daily Show" to see Mandvi in a villain role in the Shyamalan flick. I've yet to see it myself -- "Eclipse" screened for press the same night -- but all of those delicious-looking visual effects are certainly going to get me into the theater this weekend.

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