FUTURAMA Episode 6.03: 'Attack Of The Killer App' Recap

Title: "Attack of the Killer App"

Writer / Director: Patric M. Verrone / Stephen Sandoval

Story: After an enjoyable two-episode airing to kick off the long-awaited sixth season, "Futurama" was back last night with a strangely prophetic episode commenting on the rise of social networking. Dear, old Mom is still up to her megalomaniacal plottings. This time, she's concocted a grand scheme to control consumers with a fancy new gadget: the EyePhone. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter... they're all present, accounted for and poked fun at as a story involving a "who can get the most followers" contest between Fry and Bender emerges. There are long lines, many minutes of indecipherable "l33tspeak" and a pool filled with two-headed goat vomit/diarrhea.

Take That, Apple!

The timing of this airing couldn't have been planned given the production schedule for "Futurama" episodes, but with the iPhone 4 craze in full effect and some of Apple's luster dulling with the revelation of antenna woes, a lot of what we saw last night could just as easily have been pulled from news coverage of the latest iDevice's launch. The undeniable relevance makes everything that much funnier, such as Fry interrupting a Mom Store employee's warnings about the phone's inferior qualities with the exclamation, "Shut up and take my money!"

Ladies And Gentlemen... Susan Boil!

The somewhat stomach-turning plot twist that Leela, in addition to being a one-eyed freak, also has a sentient, singing boil on her ass -- named Susan Boil -- is great. Especially with Craig Ferguson providing the voice of said growth. Fans of the series can put aside any worries: "Futurama" continues to be the weirdest show on TV, and thank goodness for that.


I challenge you not to fall into hysterics at the sight of Bender kicking the two-headed goat's corpse into a pool of its own vomit/diarrhea. Oh yes, that happens. Gross? Sure. Side-splittingly funny? Also yes.

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Keep Your Advil Handy

There's a minutes-long stretch in the episode during which our beloved Planet Express crew communicates entirely via 'netspeak. It is headache-inducing in the extreme, but also right on the mark. This is what we all sound like on the Internet, trying to fit ideas -- complex or otherwise -- into 140 character bursts. For all of the funny on offer, last night's "Futurama" also offers a grim picture of what is to come if we continue on our current path.

Oh well. Time for #FF. And then I have to update my Facebook status because omg last night was full of lolz. kthxbai!