'Scream 4' Adds Three More: Adam Brody, Erik Knudsen And Marley Shelton

The cast of "Scream 4" continues to grow and grow. Lake Bell backed out just this week due to scheduling conflicts, days before production is set to start in earnest, but her role has now been filled by "Grindhouse" star Marley Shelton. She'll play a police officer and old high school friend of Neve Campbell's Sidney.

Also joining the cast are "The O.C." alum Adam Brody and "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" actor Erik Knudsen. Brody will also play a cop, one who was raised watching "CSI" on TV. I wonder which flavor? My money's on him as the killer. Knudsen's role appears to be comparable to Jamie Kennedy's in the original "Scream"; he'll have a lot of knowhow about horror movie conventions, and will serve as comic relief. Head over to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog for the full story.