Canada Day Is Here! Hollywood Hails Our Neighbors To The North!

Happy Canada Day, readers! On this day in 1867, the Constitution Act was signed into being. The document effectively merged a group of British lands in North America into a single, unified country while also laying out the basic framework of the nation's government. It is a time now for the general celebration of all things Canadian. I'm here to do our part on the MTV Movies Blog, paying tribute to some of the amazing contributions Canada and her sons & daughters have made in Hollywood.

"South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"

This is perhaps the best movie ever made to feature the nation of Canada as a major plot point. Yes, it does boil down to a rather vicious United States/Canada war. And yes, the whole thing is orchestrated by Satan and his damned, gay lover, the ghost of Saddam Hussein. It doesn't matter though. For one, Canada fights back. Hard. They even stage a surgical strike that takes out the entire Baldwin clan. Also, everything turns out all right in the end. Nothing but love from "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone for Canada.

Any Kevin Smith Movie Ever... Or "Degrassi Junior High"

Speaking of celebrities who love Canada, HEY, it's Kevin Smith! That guy is a big fan of all things Great White North. I'm pretty certain there's some level of reference, from hockey to DeGrassi, in each and every one of his films. Speaking of Degrassi -- a sort of Canadian crossbreed of "Saved By the Bell" and "Beverly Hills 90210" -- Smith also loves that show. He and Jason Mewes even guest starred as themselves in the three-episode arc that ended the show's fourth season. The story involved a fictional sequel to "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," titled "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian, Eh."

"Strange Brew"

This one is going to be before a lot of your readers' time. Hell, it's even a little bit before my time, though I have fond childhood memories of watching in. "Strange Brew," or "The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew," is a movie spun off of an "SCTV" sketch, Canada's answer to "Saturday Night Live." Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas star as the titular brothers, a pair of unemployed, beer-guzzling, "eh"-spouting who land a cherry job at a local brewery, only to be drawn into a nefarious plot (is there any other kind of plot?). It's all rather deranged and silly, but hilariously so.

The "Twilight" Series!

C'mon. This is MTV. Of course there's going to be a "Twlight" shout. The fictional world of Stephenie Meyer's sparkly vampire series may be based in Forks, Washington but the movies so far have actually been shot in Vancouver, Canada (EDIT: I've been rightly corrected that the first movie was in fact shot here in the US. Then the producers wised up and moved their show to Canada.). There's no maple syrup, no hockey, no ice cold Molson in the movies, but who cares? When those stars are on set shooting, it's busy times indeed in Vancouver.

James Cameron

This world would be a lot less spectacular without James Cameron in it. And James Cameron wouldn't walk among us were it not for his Canadian heritage. So today we raise a bottle of Molson XXX to honor Cameron, "Twilight"'s Vancouver set, the brothers McKenzie and more awesome Canada originals, a category so numerous that we couldn't possibly list them all here. Happy Canada Day everyone!