Larry King Announces His Departure From CNN, Takes Off For Hollywood!

Larry King announced this week that he'll be retiring from his post at CNN. For 25 years, King has served as the host of "Larry King Live," making up roughly half of a career as a radio and television host that spans more than 50 years. He's now chosen to pack it in gracefully, and we here at MTV applaud the superlative work he's done over the years.

Sure, King probably wants to just chill and enjoy his retirement by sticking close with his family. But he's been planning this change for awhile, and he's leaving the game in style. King is all set to appear in a range of upcoming movies, as these beautifully Photoshop'd posters (big ups to MTV producer Sohyung Kang!) illustrate. Click the image below to check out the full gallery for yourself!

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