EXCLUSIVE: Mark Ruffalo To Star In 'The Normal Heart' Adaptation From 'Glee' Creator Ryan Murphy

While making the press rounds on "The Kids Are All Right," actor Mark Ruffalo spoke with MTV News about a new project he just recently signed on for — "The Normal Heart," based on the semi-autobiographical play written by Larry Kramer.

According to Ruffalo, he would play the lead role of Ned Weeks based on a screenplay written by Larry Kramer himself. "Glee" and "Nip/Tuck" creator Ryan Murphy is also involved, though it's currently unknown whether he's participating as a director, producer or something else.

"I just signed on tentatively with Ryan Murphy to do 'The Normal Heart,' which is the Larry Kramer play," Ruffalo told MTV. "It's really beautiful. Larry Kramer did a script adaptation. It's really powerful and strong and beautiful."

"It's basically a story of when the AIDS outbreak happened in New York," he explained of the film's premise. "It wasn't really taken seriously, I think specifically because it was 'the gay cancer,' they called it. I think it's a really interesting time in America. I think to see someone who really does change the world by his commitment and he's even totally by himself at times, there's still a real power in that. I love that it's a people-powered movement that actually changed the way our government looked at this epidemic. I think there's a real powerful message to that and something that we forget. We can get really cynical about what we can do, it gets stacked against us and they're all corrupt — and at the end of the day, everything starts with people. The reason they're there is because of us. "

Ruffalo said that he's taken the past year off from work in order to spend more time with his children, and it would take a very special project to drag him away from his family right now. It would appear that "The Normal Heart" is one such special project. Beyond the film's sensitive subject matter, Ruffalo said he's excited by the opportunity to play leading man Ned Weeks.

"It's a juicy part," he said. "It's just a great role, man. He's a fighter, you know?"

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