Andy Serkis Confirmed For Revolutionary Ape Role In 'Rise Of The Apes'!

It's always great to see Andy Serkis' name attached to things. Especially this latest thing, the "Planet of the Apes" sequel. The cast of the movie is slowly coming together: James Franco, John Lithgow Freida Pinto, maybe Don Cheadle... and now Serkis. But while the others are all set for human roles, the Gollum actor will instead take on the part of Caesar, the ape that starts humanity's decline into servitude. Not only do I like the idea of seeing just how the grim future presented in "Planet of the Apes" comes to pass, I also now look forward to seeing Serkis as the ape who makes it all happen.

The news was confirmed via Twitter by Fox bigwig Chris Petrikin. In fairness, Petrikin doesn't have a Verified Account, so it could conceivably all be a big hoax. I don't think so though... largely because I don't want to believe that Serkis won't be one of those damn, dirty apes.