'Eclipse' Actor BooBoo Stewart Named By Fans As The Most Anticipated Newcomer To The Series

I have to admit, the results of this poll surprise me a bit. Fandango polled more than 1,700 "Eclipse" ticket shoppers to see who they consider the most exciting new addition to the cast. BooBoo Stewart, who plays 15-year-old Quileute werewolf Seth Clearwater, earned himself 33% of the votes, the highest by a fairly wide margin. Coming in at #2 with 19% of the vote is Xavier Samuel, who plays doomed Victoria henchman Riley. Frankly, I would have pegged Samuel for #1. But what do I know?

Here are the results of the poll so you can see the full spread:

- Seth Clearwater (BooBoo Stewart) 33%

- Riley (Xavier Samuel) 19%

- Bree (Jodelle Ferland) 16%

- Quil Ateara (Tyler Housman) 10%

- Lucy (Kirsten Prout) 8%

- Leah Clearwater (Julia Jones) 8%

- Maria (Catalina Sandino Moreno) 4%

- Royce King II, Rosalie’s fiance (Jack Huston) 3%

Would any of you Twilighters care to venture a guess why BooBoo would come out on top? Does Seth Clearwater factor very heavily into the book? He certainly has more than one scene in the movie, but it's not a huge role.

The Fandango folks didn't expect the survey to pan out as it did either. Said Fandango editor-in-chief Chuck Walton, "It’s a surprising choice, as BooBoo doesn’t get much screen time in 'Eclipse.' You would have thought that the fans would get more worked up over Xavier Samuel as Riley, a meatier role, or to see Jordelle as Bree, since her character has a entire story named after her…but never bet against the growing cult of Team Jacob, his Wolf-Pack Pals, and the burgeoning fan base for Team Seth."

Stewart also has a life outside of "Twilight" that might have been an influencing factor in his vote counts. "He sings and dances for Disney and even did a cover of 'Under the Sea' [from 'The Little Mermaid'] – and gets along nicely with his sisters who are in the band with him – so his clean-cut image works well for the likable character of Seth.”

Walton goes on to say that many fans see young Stewart as "the new Taylor Lautner." And although he's not a big part of "Eclipse," Stewart's role in "Breaking Dawn" is described as "meatier." As Walton says, "There’s already a bunch of Team Seth fan sites out there."

I know it's traditional to go with Team [INSERT CHARACTER NAME], but can't we just this one time use the actor's name? Team BooBoo sounds awesome.

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