'Toy Story 3' Newcomer Big Baby Stops In France In Today's Daily TwitPic

Big Baby is one of the new characters introduced in "Toy Story 3," a movie which is on track in my own mind to emerge as the best of the summer. As much as I love it, that character is downright creepy. It's one of those realistic-looking infant dolls with the weighted blinking eyes. Except the one in the movie is broken, so its left eye is perpetually half-closed.

That thing haunts my nightmares.

Director Lee Unkrich has been traveling around, doing press for "Toy Story 3." And he's apparently been dragging Big Baby along for the ride. Do you think he gets a separate hotel room for it, so he doesn't have to go to sleep with the nagging fear that he'll wake up to it murdering him?

Anyway, Unkrich has been traveling around with Big Baby and he's been snapping pictures of the little tyke's world tour. The latest stop, documented in today's Daily TwitPic, is France. Was France, since the accompanying tweet read "Au revoir, Paris!"