EXCLUSIVE: Paul Giamatti Needs Some Lessons On Proper Firearm Handling In This 'Pretty Bird' Clip

I saw "Pretty Bird" a couple of years ago at Sundance Film Festival. Funny movie. Billy Crudup stars as a flim-flam man with some big ideas. Really, one big idea: he wants to build a rocket belt. So he hires Paul Giamatti, who plays a brilliant engineer, to help him on the technical side. Hilarity and a little bit of calamity ensues. Even better, it's all based on a true story!

In the clip below, Giamatti is pretty pissed off. He's discovered some truths about his business partner, and he's done negotiating. It's time for action. Unfortunately for his poor wife, he doesn't really know how to handle a gun. Remember that calamity I mentioned? Here's some of it ensuing.