'Knight And Day' Director James Mangold Praises 'Twilight' For 'Documentarian Style Of Acting'

There was a time awhile back when "Knight and Day" director James Mangold was rumored to be in the running for the job of directing "Breaking Dawn," a gig that has since gone to Bill Condon. MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke with Mangold recently about this week's Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz-starring action-comedy, and he managed to squeeze in a question about what happened there with those "Breaking Dawn" rumors.

"I guess they must have been seriously considering it, but I don't know how I got into that," Mangold said with amusement. "A lot of times in the trades what happens is people... they think you'd be good for something, so they actually tell the reporter that you'd be good for it. And somehow that evolves into you doing it." That said, the director has nothing at all against Stephenie Meyer's uber-popular vampire series.

"I actually was a big admirer of the first 'Twilight,'" he said. "I thought it was a really original film. I think older folks take some shots at those movies, but the fact is that that movie had an incredibly almost documentarian style of acting in it, [and]... it reminded me of some early James Dean movies, only with a vampire aspect stuck in. I thought the acting in it was phenomenal and I don't think it was mysterious why it caught on like it did."

James Mangold: "Twilight" fan. Do you think he's Team Edward or Team Jacob?