EXCLUSIVE: Paul Dano Digs Katie Holmes' Owl Eyes In This Clip From 'The Extra Man'

"The Extra Man" premieres today on just about any digital delivery service you can think of: On Demand, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, VUDU, DirectTV, the Dish Network and Amazon. It also opens in theaters on July 30, for those who prefer the big screen experience. You can catch a snippet of it now, right here on MTV Movies Blog. The film is based on Jonathan Ames' book about a young writer (Paul Dano) who learns from a failed playwright (Kevin Kline) the art of escorting wealthy older women.

The clip below occurs early in young Louis's adventures, as he's getting what appears to be his first job in New York. We also see his first encounter with the movie's love interest, played by Katie Holmes. Looks like fun, and Kevin Kline is always a winner.