'Eclipse' Breakout Xavier Samuel Credits Erotic Thriller 'Wild Things' As An Inspiration

"Eclipse" had its Los Angeles premiere last night and the stars came out. So that happened. MTV got to chat with franchise newcomer Xavier Samuel about his upcoming debut in the popular series, and the young Australian actor talked a little bit about one of his more unlikely influences.

"You're really good at walking out of water, by the way," MTV's Josh Horowitz commented, referring to a moment in one of the trailers when Samuel -- you guessed it -- slowly surfaces, his head rising up out of the water a la "Apocalypse Now." Only it's not the classic Vietnam film that the actor credits as his inspiration. He looked to a more recent example, a sexier example. John McNaughton's "Wild Things."

"Well, I'm lucky it was kind of covered the first night at drama school," he quipped, adding, "Let me say a large source of inspiration for that scene was Denise Richards in 'Wild Things.'"

Being honest, Josh replied that he prefers Richards in the 1998 erotic thriller, which has incidentally spawned two direct-to-DVD sequels, with a third in production. "Come on, man," Samuel replied.

The actor didn't drop it either. Asked later about what's coming up after his "Eclipse" debut, Samuel came back with a deadpan reply: "Wild Things 5." I like that he says "5," meaning he knows that there are four others behind it. Clearly he's kept up with the series. Based on reports though, I think Samuel going to be able to shoot a bit higher than that after graduating from "Eclipse," which hits theaters on June 30.