Taylor Lautner Promises 'Real' Action-Thriller In 'Abduction,' Doesn't Know About 'The Butcherhouse Chronicles'

Last night, crowds gathered in Los Angeles to watch the star-studded arrivals at the long-awaited premiere of "Eclipse." Star Taylor Lautner was of course on hand, and of course MTV's Josh Horowitz asked him a little about "Abduction," the John Singleton-directed flick that he'll be moving on to before production starts for "Breaking Dawn" in the fall.

"It's a very real action-thriller," Lautner said. "[It has a] great story, great cast and I start in like three days." Whoa! Three days! He said that last night, which means he'll be on set in roughly 48 hours from now.

"I have a day off tomorrow, I go to New York the next day and then I leave to Pittsburgh. I'm so excited."

Josh also asked Lautner about another project, "The Butcherhouse Chronicles." There's an IMDb listing for it, with Lautner set to appear alongside "Glee" star Lea Michelle and "Halloween" remake star Tyler Mane. The movie belongs to first time feature director Buff Borin, with a script from "The Grudge" writer Stephen Susco.

But is Lautner really involved? He hasn't heard anything.

"Sorry, I don't [have any idea]," he said. "Let's set the record straight: No 'Butcherhouse!'"