'Eclipse' Criticism, The 'Toy Story 3' Cast And Wimbledon In Today's Twitter-Wood

Snooki and the "Eclipse" cast may be jazzed about the new "Twilight" sequel's release this week, but Chris Kattan is not impressed, assuming his Twitter post today was meant to be sarcastic. If it wasn't meant as sarcasm, he may have just declared himself to be one of the biggest lovers of sparkling vampires in all of Twitter-Wood.

Few celebs have dared to trash "Toy Story 3," meanwhile. Christopher Mintz-Plasse wrote down some thoughts after seeing it, and director Lee Unkrich shared a photo with a few of the film's voice actors. Meanwhile, almost everyone else in our feed has been watching Wimbeldon or the World Cup. You can check out some match reactions and the jump along with another use Linsday Lohan has discovered for her iPad and Rainn Wilson's suggestions for the war in Afghanistan

All of this and more appears in Twitter-Wood for June 24, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@leeunkrich Why does my head appear to be half the size of everyone else's? http://twitpic.com/1zkbnw #toystory3

-Lee Unkrich, Director ("Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 3")

@MintzPlasse Toy Story 3 was actually incredible. My old toys must hate me.

-Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Actor ("Superbad," "Kick-Ass")

"Harold and Kumar" pt. 1: @jonhurwitz Guess word is out that @actuallynph will be returning for H & K 3. As if we'd make the movie without his awesomeness... http://is.gd/d2np8

-Jon Hurwitz, Writer ("Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle")

"Harold and Kumar" pt. 2: @jonhurwitz Contrary to Internet speculation, @pattonoswalt is NOT playing the role of Todd in HK3. But we do have another comedic genius lined up...

@ChrisKattan I cannot wait for Eclipse. Finally. Something original.

-Chris Kattan, Actor ("Corky Romano," "A Night at the Roxbury")

@JamesUrbaniak Not getting a new iPhone but in honor of this special day I stood still for two hours before picking up my old one.

-James Urbaniak, Actor ("The Venture Bros.," "Across the Universe")

@lindsaylohan The #iPad is a great papparazzi blocker #ipad411

-Lindsay Lohan, Actress ("Herbie: Fully Loaded," "Mean Girls")

@DamonLindelof I found the ending of Isner/Mahut satisfying, but wish they had answered more questions.

-Damon Lindelof, Writer/Producer ("Star Trek," "Lost")

@dannymasterson This Isner/Mahut wimbledon match is the craziest thing I've ever seen. I mean...its insane!

-Danny Masterson, Actor ("That '70s Show," "Yes Man")

@oliviawilde Another fun night on Cowboys&Aliens. All I can tell you is that Keith Carradine is a bad ass and I love explosions.

-Olivia Wilde, Actress ("Tron: Legacy," "Cowboys and Aliens")

@ChloeGMoretz england vs. germany and USA vs. Ghana wowww idk who i thnk will win wowww

-Chloe Moretz, Actress ("Kick-Ass," "Diary of a Wimpy Kid")

@rainnwilson I think Landon Donovan should be put in charge of the war in Afghanistan.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Rocker," "The Office")

@james_gunn Took a little nap in the Dreamworks waiting area before a meeting. Justified it as part of my don't-give-a-shit persona.

-James Gunn, Writer/Director/Actor ("Slither," "Super")

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