Neil Patrick Harris Returns For 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas,' But... Isn't He Dead?

Neil Patrick HarrisFans of the "Harold and Kumar" franchise were devastated when former child actor turned drug-addled bad boy Neil Patrick Harris died at the hands of Beverly D'Angelo at a whore house in "Escape from Guantanamo Bay."

Thankfully, Harold, Kumar and moviegoers haven't seen the last of NPH, as it's been confirmed that Harris will reprise his ludicrous self-parodying role for the currently shooting "A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas," the third outing in the stoner comedy series. The real question, of course, is how does NPH plan to make it back from the dead?

While we don't know the circumstances surrounding Neil's glorious resurrection, we can certainly take a few guesses. Join us after the jump for our predictions on how NPH will return to the "Harold and Kumar" franchise!

He Didn't Die: The first and most obvious answer. Those who stuck around after the credits of "Guantanamo Bay" already know that Neil somehow survived getting shot in the back at the whore house. Seeing as how he was just injured, not killed, it shouldn't be hard to bring him back into the "Harold and Kumar" fold.

Divine Intervention: That first answer is too boring, so let's assume that he did die. Perhaps there's simply too much work left on Earth for NPH to achieve before he can cross over to the other side, so the angels cast him back down to his mortal shell. Now with renewed faith and a stronger sense of purpose, Harris is going to track down Harold and Kumar to help them on their latest, greatest adventure.

Holiday Fears: Let's say Harris really is dead. If that's the case, perhaps Harold and Kumar will be visited by the former "Doogie Howser" star's ghostly apparition with some sort of grave warning, ala Jacob Marley in "A Christmas Story." This is a holiday movie, after all!

Smoke Screen: In case you haven't heard, drugs are a prevalent feature in the "Harold and Kumar" movies. It's very possible that our two stoner heroes will find themselves on some type of hallucinogen that convinces them they're in the presence of Neil, even though he's really and truly dead.

Cyberdyne Model T-NPH: Of course, another option is that NPH is secretly a Terminator sent backwards through time to kill Harold and Kumar to prevent them from leading the human resistance at some point in the future. Ridiculous? Perhaps, but it would still beat the pants out of "Terminator Salvation," wouldn't it?

Tell us how you think NPH will factor into "A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas" in the comments section and on Twitter!