Taylor Lautner Training To Fight, Ride, Swim And More For 'Abduction'

On the surface, "Abduction" doesn't sound like a high-octane action flick. Sure, John Singleton is directing, but the story follows Taylor Lautner after he finds his baby photo on a missing persons website. It's not a premise that immediately points to multi-terrain, multi-discipline action, and yet that's exactly what Lautner is preparing for as he trains up for the July shoot in Pittsburgh.

"I've been training," he said with a grin. "I did boxing training for a couple months, now I'm into the fight training, motorcycle... I think when I get to Pittsburgh I'll do a little swimming training. It's all around, it's going to be a lot of fun."

Lautner loves the action, but he's also clear that it's not the number one thing he looks for when considering which gigs to take. That might not seem obvious for those looking at his upcoming slate -- two more "Twilight" movies, "Stretch Armstrong," "Abduction," "Cancun" (if that happens) -- but it's true.

"I love action, but most important [to me] is the story. The story behind this action/thriller is amazing," he said in reference to "Abduction." "And we've got [director] John Singleton behind us. The cast is coming together great; we've got Lily [Collins], Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver... I'm so thankful we're getting a cast like that."