'Eclipse' Crowds Gather In Los Angeles, And Dana Brunetti Preserves It On Film In Today's Daily TwitPic

Did you know that "Eclipse" is out next week? A LOT of people in Los Angeles do. A bunch of 'em are lined up for the premiere tomorrow night, which MTV will be covering in a big way (more on that in a little bit). It's actually a pretty amazing sight, seeing a mass of proper camping tents assembled on an LA sidewalk behind police barriers.

That's how producer Dana Brunetti felt when he saw the camped out line in the City of Angels the other night. Brunetti, for those who need a refresher, is a longtime Kevin Spacey collaborator. Together, the two founded Trigger Street Productions. They produced "21," "Fanboys" and the upcoming Facebook biopic "The Social Network," among other things. No "Twilight" though. So forgive him for mistaking the line for an iPhone 4 campout.

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