Todd Phillips' 'Staycation' Is Inspired By 'Vacation' And Other John Hughes Movies

If Todd Phillips' "The Hangover" was a Las Vegas party movie without the Las Vegas party, then his upcoming "Staycation" is set to be a family vacation road movie without a family hitting the highway for a holiday.

Instead, the new comedy will explore what happens when a family is too broke to splurge on a lux getaway and instead must explore familiar environs for some much needed R&R. Yet while "Staycation" won't conform to a familiar plotline, it will most definitely remind you of classic Hollywood vacation flicks.

"We've absorbed a lot of those great comedies. Everything from the 'Vacation' movies to John Hughes movies," Phil Hay, one of the film's screenwriters, told MTV News in the spring. "There are so many touchstones for this kind of comedy and these kinds of characters and their relationships."

For the moment, though, all involved are keeping plot specifics secret. "Without getting into too much detail, it's basically a vacation movie about people who are forced to have a vacation in their own hometown, which is not a tourist destination."

"It doesn't take place in Orlando," added co-writer Matt Manfredi

Hay and Manfredi ("Clash of the Titans") are in the midst of the writing process, and there's not yet a date when production might ramp up. And with "The Hangover 2" expected to begin filming in the fall, it's not yet clear if Phillips will direct "Staycation" or stick strictly as a producer. Regardless, you should definitely expect a raft of cameos from familiar faces from previous Phillips films.

"[Todd] didn't say anything specifically [about cameos], but that's the assumption we always write under," said Manfredi. "You want to write a great character that's going to lure these guys in. If there's a character who pops up, you always want to try to give that man or woman something fun, so every part is a potential scene stealer."