Taylor Lautner Is Ridiculously Busy Keeping Track Of His Upcoming Gigs

Taylor Lautner is something else, right? He was little more than a bit player in the first "Twilight" movie. Then there were rumors that he wasn't even going to be invited back for "New Moon." Now, the Shirtless One is a celebrity on par with his co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. What's more, he's kind of keeping busier than either of them. Lautner has a ton of stuff coming up, as he was more than happy to discuss with MTV's Josh Horowitz at the recent press junket.

"'Abduction' [shoots] in three weeks," he said, though it's now more like one week. "So 'Abduction,' 'Breaking Dawn' and hopefully ['Stretch Armstrong'] after that." To think that also was attached, as recently as a few months ago, to another pair of action flicks: "Max Steel" and "Cancun." The former is done, but Lautner admits that "Cancun" is still a possibility.

"Maybe down the road," he said. "It's so hard already having to look a year in advance with 'Stretch.' You got to stay focused on what you're doing in the moment."

And what is the actor focused on in the moment? "Eclipse" of course. The third movie in the "Twilight" series hits theaters next Wednesday. All of which gets Lautner thinking about the upcoming back-to-back shoots for the two-part adaptation of "Breaking Dawn," which will close out the actor's time as werewolf Jacob Black.

"It's sad. I try not to even think about that," he said of saying goodbye to the franchise that has been so good to him. "It'll be a sad day when that finishes. The last day on the second 'Breaking Dawn' will be a tough one for sure."

It's understandable. Lautner was acting prior to "Twilight" of course, but he was really able to ride his experience with the franchise through the difficult child actor years and into the new, adult phase of his career. So Josh asked him what mementos he might keep from the set, to commemorate a job well done. The problem for Lautner is, he spends most of his time on screen half-naked.

"What wardrobe am I going to keep," he asked incredulously. "The little jean shorts?" He thinks for a moment, forming a plan. "I should. I should snag a pair. I'll do that. I will definitely grab a pair of little jean shorts to keep."