'Toy Story 3' Isn't The End Of All Things -- Look For More Toy Stories In Front Of 'Cars 2'

"Toy Story 3," opening today, marks the end of a very long journey for Pixar. "Toy Story" hit theaters 15 years ago, introducing the world to what would quickly become known as the most consistently creative filmmaking team on the planet. The tale of Woody, Buzz and their pint-sized pals ends with the release of the third and final movie in the "Toy Story" trilogy. Or that's what we were led to believe at least.

Now director Lee Unkrich is out there saying that we haven't seen the last of the talking toys. In fact, we'll be seeing them next summer in the Pixar-standard animated short appearing in front of "Cars 2." There are no thoughts of a fourth movie in the series... yet. But fans should be pleased that there are also no thoughts of putting these characters to rest for good. For more from Unkrich, check out this interview over at MSN Movies.