Melissa Rosenberg On Breaking Up 'Breaking Dawn' And Writing 'Wonder Woman'

by Jill Pantozzi

The hardcover version of Stephenie Meyer’s fourth “Twilight” installment, “Breaking Dawn,” clocks in at a whopping 756 pages. So when the official announcement came earlier this week that the film adaptation would be split in two no one was really all that surprised.

We all know Hollywood will milk properties for all they're worth and anything involving “Twilight” is worth a lot. But what does this mean for the fans? After hearing the news some sighed in relief, most screamed with pleasure while others might have peed their pants a little.

What do they want to know most? Where the heart-stopping cliffhanger will occur in Part One. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg knows where she’d like it to happen.

“I think it comes down to Bella as human and Bella as vampire,” she said in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “[Director] Bill Condon may give you a different answer, but I think it’s a natural break. There’s her as a human with the baby and everything and then there’s her as a parent and a vampire.”

Although it was a forgone conclusion for most fans, Rosenberg said both she and Summit Entertainment were unsure of how things would proceed.

“It kind of came down to me looking at the book and going, ‘Are there two movies in this?’ Which is a hell of a lot of pressure!” They agreed “Breaking Dawn” could be one long film but went with the split instead. “And then it came down to, ‘Are the actors available for two movies?’ So there were a lot of things that went into this decision.”

Besides her film work, Rosenberg has also had a successful television writing career with “Dexter” and “The O.C.” After “Breaking Dawn” is completed though, she has her eye on further film work, this time, outside Summit Entertainment.

“[Summit] would love for me to do nothing but work with them, and frankly I’d kind of love that, too,” she said, “But I should probably go out and see what else is out there.”

One of the screenwriting possibilities brought up during the interview was the forever-in-limbo ‘Wonder Woman’ live-action film.

“What could I bring that 10 other writers haven’t brought? I frankly don’t know what the issue is,” she said. “But then, it must be incredibly hard because some very talented people have not been able to. I have no idea what the issue is there. But that’s exactly the kind of thing I would love to do.”

“Wonder Woman” could be a perfect fit seeing as how Rosenberg is also forming her own production company called “Tall Girls Productions.” She plans on spotlighting female writers and stories about strong women.

“I’m talking about some kick-ass flawed women. Comic book heroes. The female Batman, the female Tony Soprano,” she said, “It will require a lot of work on my part, but I know it’s what I want to do.”