Joel Silver Doesn't Want To See 'The Matrix' In 3-D, Not A Fan Of 3-D Conversion

Joel Silver's got the right idea. What, you don't believe me? Just listen to the man in the below video, an excerpt from our chat with him during the press tour for "Splice." He understands the pitfalls of this still-developing 3-D technology. He sees a future in it for cinema, but not necessarily any need for revising history.

"I think the conversion to 3-D is not as effective as the movies that are created and invented and devised in 3-D," he said. "We have a few projects that could go that route and I think that's interesting." Projects like "Logan's Run" and "Lobo," both of which he mentioned in the same interview.

For Silver, it comes down to economics. "I mean look-- you're charging a lot more money for tickets and I think we should go out there with the real deal. Certain films, you can apply 3-D to them really well. And certain [other] films, maybe not."

All of this discussion spawned with the question of whether or not "The Matrix" is being planned for a 3-D conversion, as has been rumored. It sounds like that decision doesn't come down to Silver, but he's hoping no.

"I hope they don't try to do that with 'The Matrix.' I think it's a 2-D movie and it should stay like that."