EXCLUSIVE: 'Karate Kid' Director Harald Zwart Confirms Director Role On 'RollerCoaster Tycoon,' Exploring 3-D

Rollercoaster TycoonFilmmaker Harald Zwart enjoyed a very nice weekend thanks to the massively successful opening numbers for his latest film, "The Karate Kid." But while he's currently buzzing from the kung fu movie's recent good fortune, Zwart has another interesting project on the horizon: "RollerCoaster Tycoon," based on the computer game franchise of the same name.

"RollerCoaster Tycoon" was announced last month as a possible directing vehicle for Zwart, and the "Karate Kid" filmmaker confirmed for MTV News that he will be stepping behind the lens for the project if all goes according to plan.

"I'm very excited to direct it, yes," he told MTV. "Given that all the planets line up right for it — you never know if a movie gets made — but that's certainly something we're all hoping for."

Zwart said that the film is still in an early stage with scribes Jay Scherik and David Ronn working hard on the screenplay. While he said it's too early to discuss the film's plot, he did address the reasons why a game like "Tycoon" makes sense for a feature film adaptation.

"It's a big family movie," he said. "It's the idea of being able to walk around in something like Disneyland after it's closed down and you can take these rides and they become real. Also, the game is so fascinating because you can design your own roller coasters and you can make the most breakneck scary roller coasters imaginable. I'd love to put that up on the big screen."

Interactivity is a crucial component for a game like "Tycoon," seeing as it hinges on the player's design sense rather than a forward-moving story. Zwart said that the game's reliance on interactivity is something that he hopes to preserve for the film adaptation.

"That should be maintained," he said. "The idea that if you have a successful theme park, or if you plan it right and if you have the craziest rides, it's like 'Sim City' — your park becomes more profitable. Yeah, that's an element in there."

As for reports on the film's use of live-action versus CGI, Zwart said: "It's going to be perceived as a totally live-action movie. That's what's so great about movies like 'Avatar.' They blur out the border between what's live-action and what's CG these days. That's the landscape I'd like to be in."

On the subject of "Avatar," Zwart said that it's entirely possible that "Tycoon" would be a 3-D picture. "I definitely think that's a possibility," he said. "I've been fascinated by 3-D since I was a kid. I made my own homemade 3-D cameras when I was really young. I think if there was ever a 3-D movie, it should be a roller coaster movie!"

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