Greg Grunberg Plans To 'Beg' For Role In 'Super 8,' Was Almost A Redshirt In 'Star Trek'

Greg Grunberg rocks. J.J. Abrams certainly thinks so. The "Heroes" star is the writer/director/producer's good luck charm. He played key roles in "Alias" and "Felicity," was killed off in the pilot episode of "Lost" and had a bit part in "Mission: Impossible III." He also had a voice-only role in "Star Trek," as James Kirk's angry stepdad.

It turns out that Grunberg was originally set for a larger role in "Trek," but other work obligations got in the way. As he said in a recent interview with MTV's Tami Katzoff, "I was doing another film and I couldn’t get out of it to do 'Star Trek.' I was supposed to play Olson, the guy who doesn't pull his chute when they're diving down," he said, referring to a scene near the beginning of the movie. "He's a redshirt so everyone would have known that I was going to die because I die in everything J.J. does, and it would have been so funny! But I couldn’t do it so J.J. had to recast it and I ended up doing the voice of Kirk's dad."

Of course, any discussion of Abrams these days inevitably turns to "Super 8," the mysterious film that pays tribute to the great filmmaker Steven Spielberg while also counting him among its producers. Grunberg is very much aware of "Super 8" and he has every intention of keeping his Abrams streak going.

"I will be in that movie, without question," he said with confidence. "Let me tell you something - J.J. doesn’t even know. Spielberg doesn’t even know. I am not going to let that movie happen without being in the movie. I'm going to beg and plead on my knees to be in that film."

It's not clear what the actor knows about "Super 8," if anything, but he's confident in his longtime colleague and friend doing something great with it. "That is going to be huge, and it's going to be an amazing, amazing movie. I have no idea what I'm going to do yet, but it's one of those things where, just like I did on 'Felicity' years ago, I am going to beg J.J. to be in it, in any way I can. I can guarantee that in some way I'll do something in that movie."