'The A-Team' Director Joe Carnahan Describes Unused Opening Scene, Hopes To Include It In A Sequel

Look. I don't care what the box office numbers say. "The A-Team" was awesome! It should have owned this past weekend. Instead it finished in a distant second to "The Karate Kid." It's unfortunate, but there's still plenty of time in the summer for "A-Team" to build up some steam.

Director Joe Carnahan isn't necessarily planning out a sequel with his first outing not even a week old, but he did have an idea for the "A-Team" opening which went unshot, and which he hopes to use if a sequel does happen.

"In the original opening of the film... all you saw was Hannibal with these goggles on and this kind of white environment," he explained. "You realized as the camera pulled back that there were sled dogs. As you pulled back even further you realized they were sled dogs going over the dunes in the desert."

I can see it. Clearly Carnahan can too, if he's still thinking about it. "That was the opening of the original [script], and it's still my favorite scene we didn't shoot," he said. Ultimately, it was decided that it would make more sense to open the movie with a look at what brought the titular team together.

"Fox kind of prevailed upon us, and I thought it was very wise, that we do some sort of an origin [story]," Carnahan continued. "I just thought it would be fun to actually see what happened before the opening credits of the show came up, which is [that] these guys were convicted of a crime, and so we treated it like that."