'Rubicon': AMC's Next Big Thing? What Did You Think?

AMC gave viewers a sneak peek at "Rubicon" last night, their new conspiracy thriller series starring James Badge Dale, the star of HBO's "The Pacific." I unfortunately missed it, but I'll be checking out the pilot later today. Anyone out there in reader-land watch it? What did you think?

Badge Dale is a great actor. He got a lot of fans when he spent a season as Chase Edmunds on "24" and he impressed the hell out of me with his work on "The Pacific." There's a great supporting cast surrounding him here too: Miranda Richardson, "The Wire" vets Peter Gerety (Judge Phelan) and Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (Clay Davis), awesome "that guy" actor David Rasche... the list goes on. I'm dead curious to see how the pilot shapes up and am curious to hear what y'all think.

From "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" to "Rubicon" and, soon enough, "The Walking Dead." AMC is going to own basic cable networks with its edgy original programming before long.