'Karate Kid' Kicks 'The A-Team's' Butt In The Saturday Box Office Report

The A-Team1. "The Karate Kid" ($18.8 million)

2. "The A-Team" ($9.7 million)

3. "Shrek Forever After" ($4.4 million)

4. "Get Him to the Greek" ($3.3 million)

5. "Killers" ($2.8 million)

Hannibal Smith, Faceman Peck, B.A. Baracus and Howling Mad Murdock entered the box office arena this weekend without a Plan B — and it could prove to be their undoing, as Sony's reboot of the "Karate Kid" franchise ended up winning out on Friday evening with an impressive $18.8 million haul.

Starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, "The Karate Kid" will almost certainly emerge on Sunday evening as the weekend's big winner. The "Karate Kid" update was filmed on a rather modest budget of only $40 million, and with Deadline Hollywood predicting a $52 million weekend finish, there's virtually no question that the kid-friendly reboot is a hit. Expect to see Jaden Smith waxing on and off the big screen in the "Karate Kid" franchise for many years to come.

The future is less certain for "The A-Team," Joe Carnahan's film adaptation of the hit 1980s television series. Despite the star power of Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel and others, the film only managed $9.7 million on Friday with an expected $27 million weekend. It's not an ideal opening weekend for a film that could potentially spawn a franchise, not to mention a poor result based on its estimated $110 million production budget.

"Shrek Forever After" continues to perform admirably with a $4.4 million third place finish. Last weekend's "Get Him to the Greek" and "Killers" remained in the top five with fourth and fifth place finishes worth $3.3 million and $2.8 million, respectively.

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