Jessica Biel Enjoyed Playing A Lead Female Role That Wasn't Oversexualized In 'The A-Team'

A funny thing happens in "The A-Team." An attractive, young starlet, Jessica Biel has a lead role and yet she never once bares much more than an arm or two. In fact, it's Bradley Cooper who shows off the most skin. It's an odd gender reversal; typically, a Hollywood blockbuster puts just as strong a focus on objectifying female cast members as it does on giant explosions and over-the-top set pieces. According to Biel, who spoke to MTV's Josh Horowitz at the "A-Team" press junket, it was all part of director Joe Carnahan's plan.

"That was a big part that Joe and I talked about," she said. "This character is not gratuitous. She's not there to look cute and be pretty and be a girl thrown into the mix. She's really there for a plot reason. She's the lynchpin of the story."

Cooper's Face is also a key component in the story of course -- he's a member of the titular team! -- but he has a very specific role within that context. "The thing about Face is that is what he does. He uses his charm. He's kind of maybe a little self-absorbed at times and loves to be tan, as we all know in the movie. And that's his thing."

Though it's fair to point out that Biel isn't exactly an authority on the character. Fine, yes, she's dead-on in her description of Face. But as she told Josh, she never watched the show in her younger days.

"Actually, I never saw it as a kid," she said. "I wasn't really allowed to watch TV. So it's my parent's fault, I blame them. And it's not me. It's not my fault."

At that point Biel turned to face the camera and let her emotions fly. It's a touching moment. You should hit play and see for yourself.