Charlize Theron 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Role Is 'A Dream Come True'

In an excitingly odd and unexpected twist, filmmaker George Miller is returning to the universe of "Mad Max" for his upcoming sequel "Fury Road." Tom Hardy is stepping in for the title role once filled by Mel Gibson. And Charlize Theron... well... we're not really sure what her part in the story is, other than the fact that it's a lead role.

Sadly, she's not saying anything. In fact, she's convinced that Miller or one of his lackeys is spying on her to make sure that nothing is said about the film out of school. MTV's Josh Horowitz put in his most valiant effort when he spoke to her on the red carpet at the Spike Guy's Choice Awards last weekend. She's not talking though, other than to gush about how excited she is to join this much-loved franchise.