Sylvester Stallone Calls 2008 'Rambo' Movie 'The Legitimate Finale' For The Series

For the record, I'd be perfectly okay with more "Rambo." Star Sylvester Stallone is always fun to see on screen and the 2008 return of his grizzled Vietnam vet was a better-than-it-should've-been exercise in kickass action and excessive gore. Sadly, it looks like more John Rambo exploits are not to be.

Speaking with MTV's Josh Horowitz at the Spike Guy's Choice Awards this past weekend, Stallone revealed that he is "99 percent sure" that Rambo's fighting days are over. Running through a description of the 2008 film's last scene, he explained that that felt like "the legitimate finale" for the series to him.

So very sad. Until "The Expendables" drops in August and Rambo is reborn in spirit in Stallone's character, Barney "The Schizo" Ross!