EXCLUSIVE: Liam Neeson Meeting Luc Besson 'Later This Month' To Discuss Possible 'Taken' Sequel

"Taken" is an incredible piece of film. Does it rank among the all-time best? Absolutely not. It's completely implausible in every way. There are plot holes, continuity oddities and downright questionable character motivations. But it is, as MTV Newsroom editor Kyle Anderson puts it, all about watching Liam Neeson shoot half of France in the face. And that makes it perfectly excellent.

It's also confusing though to hear Neeson say that making a "Taken" sequel is challenging because it is "hard to get a plot that will be believable." Wait, what? Really? It's fine though, fear not. The actor goes on to say that he'll be meeting with producer Luc Besson later this month. Soooo... there's always hope!

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