The Stanley Cup & World Cup Are Only Slightly Cooler Than These Fictional Cups!

Last night, the Chicago Blackhawks beat out the Philadelphia Flyers to win their first Stanley Cup in 49 years. This weekend, the United States goes up against England in the opening round of the World Cup. Clearly, 'tis the season to worship cups, particularly cups of the sporting variety.

But crucial cups aren't relegated to the athletic arena. From sentient tea cups to would-be vomit receptacles, there are plenty of cups within the halls of cinema worthy of praise and celebration. After the jump, check out some of our favorite cups in movie-making history!

"Beauty and the Beast"

How could anyone overlook Chip from "Beauty and the Beast," one of the most heartwarming little should-be-inanimate objects of all time? Child actor Bradley Michael Pierce was such a hit with Disney executives that the character's role was expanded from one line to several. Plus, Chip's mother is Mrs. Potts, aka Angela Lansbury — with a mom so hip, Chip was practically predestined for coolness.

"Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade"

"You chose... poorly." Those words from the Templar Knight were the last ones ever heard by the ill-fated Donovan, who died horrifically after sipping from a cup he believed to be the Holy Grail. But the real Holy Grail was a dinky little vessel that Indiana Jones "wisely" chose for himself. Regular sippage from that bad boy would have given him eternal life, just like the Knight. Just goes to show that awesome things frequently come in ugly cups!

"The Princess Bride"

Certainly, the Stanley Cup and the World Cup are compelling sporting events, but nothing is quite as riveting as watching Vizzini and Wesley's battle of the wits over a pair of goblets — both of which are filled with lethal iocaine powder. Vizzini, who has advised Wesley to "never mess with a Sicilian when death is on the line," ends up choking on those words, leaving the immune Dread Pirate Roberts as the last man standing.

"Real Men"

Glasses of water have long held significance towards extraterrestrial life-forms. Sometimes they're lethal, as was the case in M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs." Other times, they're bargaining chips, as is the case in "Real Men," the 1987 comedy where CIA agents have convinced UFO's (pronounced "Yoofoes") to accept a glass of water in exchange for either a "good package," capable of saving the Earth's oceans and the future of humanity, or a "Big Gun," a weapon of unimaginable power. Which would you pick?

"Wayne's World"

Garth Algar might not be the most confident man alive, nor is he the smartest. What he is, however, is an awesome friend. He and Wayne allow their drunk buddy Phil into the backseat of Garth's car, even though Phil is a major vomit risk. But not only is Garth willing to accept Phil into his car, he also offers him a dixie cup to use as a makeshift barf bag in case he needs to "spew." Sure, it's not much to look at. Sure, it wouldn't be terribly effective. But in the case of Garth's spew cup, it really is the thought that counts.

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