The Stanley Cup, The CMT Music Awards And IMAX 'Eclipse' In Today's Twitter-Wood

The fun part about watching Kevin Smith's hockey tweets is that that he's actually a fan of the sport in general, as opposed to just the New Jersey Devils. Jeremy Piven and Dave Coulier, meanwhile were a little more explicit with their praise last night when the Chicago Blackhawks took home the Stanley Cup.

Some country music performers took home some accolades last night, too, over at the CMT Music Awards. David Spade and Snooki saw some friends while they were there from the looks of their tweets. Check out who they were hanging out with after the jump along with a shot of Julia Roberts and a glimpse of what "Eclipse" looks like in IMAX.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for June 10, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@tomhanks JR's last day. Goodbye, Angel! Hanx

-Tom Hanks, Actor ("Saving Private Ryan," "The Green Mile")

@DAVID_A_SLADE A print of Eclipse in IMAX 65mm format.

-David Slade, Director ("Eclipse," "30 Days of Night")

Blackhawks pt. 1: @ThatKevinSmith My Cup Prediction: In one year, there will be a massive Baby Boom throughout the greater Chicago area. #AllofIllinoisIsGettingLaidTonight

-Kevin Smith, Writer/Actor/Director ("Cop Out," "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back")

Blackhawks pt. 2: @jeremypiven Big daddy Kane in OT and Chicago wins! We celebrate our boys, want to drink from the cup...

-Jeremy Piven, Actor ("The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard," "Entourage")

Blackhawks pt. 3: @DaveCoulier Hossa curse is broken! Congrats Chicago Blackhawks (my second fav NHL team) First Stanley Cup since 1961.

-Dave Coulier, Actor ("Full House," "The Even Stevens Movie")

@DamonLindelof Went for a run today. Felt like Rocky betwixt Clubber fights, but sans Apollo. And by Apollo, I don't mean Lee Adama. Shit, I'm nerdy.

-Damon Lindelof, Writer/Producer ("Star Trek," "Lost")

CMT Music Awards pt. 1: @DavidSpade country music awards was a blast. went to see good old kid rock.. AKA robbie from j dirt. lotta fun in nashville this eve

-David Spade, Actor ("Tommy Boy," "Joe Dirt")

CMT Music Awards pt. 2: @Sn00ki Omg tim mcgraw

-Nicole Polizzi, Reality Star ("Jersey Shore")

@rainnwilson My favorite part of 'killers' was when Ashton Kutcher injected black tar heroin into Kathryn Heigl's testicles.

-Rainn Wilson, Actor ("The Rocker," "The Office")

@eliroth Amazing dinner with the Masters of Horror! QT,RR,GdT,TH,DS,JGn,DLB,RS,ED,BTS,AR,AG,TW,RK,BM,TM,MG,JGu,JD,TS GEEK OVERLOAD.

-Eli Roth, Actor/Writer/Director ("Hostel," "Inglourious Basterds")

@ChrisKattan I can't stop dancing to Kate Perry's California Girl in the bathroom naked with a box of merlot. Tis gonna to be a long night my friends!

-Chris Kattan, Actor ("Corky Romano," "A Night at the Roxbury")

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