Paul Rudd On 'Anchorman 2': 'If It Doesn't Happen, We'll Just Look To Do Anchorman 3'

Questions, so many questions. Important ones. What is the meaning of life? Why is the economy crumbling? And the big, bad mother of them all: where the crap is "Anchorman 2" already? Nobody really knows. Including Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd, the stars of the first movie, who said as much on Sunday night at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

"Salaries are down, I don't know," Rudd said, referring to the previous revelation that the key players were willing to take a pay cut in order to assemble for the sequel. "I was actually talking to [writer/director] Adam McKay about this last night and we don't know."

"For some reason [Paramount doesn't] want to make it, I guess. I don't know," he said. "I hope it's one of those things that gets resolved because I think we're all excited to [do it]. But if it doesn't happen, we'll just look to do 'Anchorman 3. The second one's never good anyway."

Ferrell spoke more briefly, but the message was the same. "It's up to Paramount," he said. "They got to get their heads out of their you-know-whats and make that a reality. So the ball's in their court."

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