'Eclipse': Which Scenes Are Your Favorite Stars Looking Forward To?

"Twilight" put in an expectedly great performance at Sunday night's MTV Movie Awards. It's a fan-driven voting process and... well... a lot of y'all are bona fide Twilighters. So the stars all came out, a new "Eclipse" clip was revealed and "New Moon" swept every category it was nominated in.

It's rare that you get all of those "Twilight" actors in one place, so you've got to take advantage of the situation when you do. MTV's massive LA Movie Awards team was on the case, talking to everyone about "Eclipse" and what they're most looking forward to seeing. Want to know? Find out after the jump!

By and large, everyone is most excited for some action!


"I'm really excited about the 'Eclipse' action scenes definitely. It's an action-packed film. [Director] David Slade did an incredible job of putting it together. I think people are really going to love it."


"I'm a little interested in my own action scenes, just to see if I can pull it off. And then there's some sexy tent action that I'm looking forward to."


"There are scenes that I filmed that I want to see if they turned out, if they even made it into the movie. But I'm probably looking forward to seeing [newcomer Xavier Samuel], seeing what he does. He's such a great guy. There's so much meat to his character, reading the script, so I'm looking forward to how he pulls it off in the film."


"It's my favorite book of the series. There's a high-water mark for me going in to see that movie. I just saw it two days ago and it's exceeded all of my expectations. I love the battle sequence, man. I gotta tell you, the whole Cullen family just roll up their sleeves and go to town. It's pretty exciting."