Robert Pattinson And Jaden Smith In 'Breaking Dawn'? 'Karate Kid' Star Says 'That'd Be Amazing'

Tom Cruise, Sandra Bullock, the Situation — the stars were out in force at the MTV Movie Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday night. But after walking the sun-baked red carpet with "Karate Kid" co-star Jackie Chan, 11-year-old Jaden Smith only had one thing on his mind: "Twilight."

And if he found himself in a conversation with Robert Pattinson during the show, Smith knew exactly what he'd ask the Brit actor.

"I've never met Robert Pattinson before, but I will just say that we should make a vampire movie together," he told MTV News.

Well, you know "Breaking Dawn" is gearing up to shoot in the fall. Perhaps Smith, whose action flick credentials are in full display in the new 'Karate Kid," should throw his hat into the casting ring.

"That'd be amazing," he said, not quite convinced the movie hasn't already wrapped. "I don't know, maybe they already shot it, but that'd be amazing to be in."

Hit play on the video to check out Smith and Chan shortly before they took the Movie Awards stage with Shaun White to present the award for Biggest Badass Star.

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