'Eclipse' Newcomer Xavier Samuel Comments On The Surreal Experience Of Joining A Cultural Phenomenon

Whether you like it or not, "Twilight" is undeniably a cultural phenomenon. Few entertainment franchises in history have managed to galvanize such a large group of fans, something which Stephenie Meyer's vampires series is even more notable for because of the way in which it speaks to young women. An area of the pop world which is stereotypically reserved for "geek culture" has instead attracted a large female base of fans.

For an actor to join that franchise is a big thing. It's easy to see how the fame has affected the series' big stars, RPattz and KStew, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli and so on. The next movie, "Eclipse," features a number of newcomers, one of whom is Australian actor Xavier Samuel. MTV's Josh Horowitz spoke to Samuel on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet last night, and the actor happily described the difference between joining the "Twilight" franchise and any other random acting gig, as you can see in the video below.