Robert Pattinson Compares 'Eclipse' To 'A Horror Film' At The 2010 MTV Movie Awards

To no one's great surprise, "New Moon" swept the five categories it was nominated in at last night's MTV Movie Awards. Awards are given based on fan votes and a large number of MTV's fans are very much tuned into Stephenie Meyer's vampire series. Excitement surrounding "Twilight" is particularly high now as well, as the June 30 release of "Eclipse" is only a few more weeks away.

That's exactly what MTV's Josh Horowitz asked series star Robert Pattinson about last night at the awards show.

"I've seen a very early cut," he revealed. "It's good. It's different. It's really different." Different, you say? How so?

"It's like... serious," he continued. "All of the... fight scenes that are in 'New Moon', they're like real fights now. Not fantasy things. It's like a horror film."

It actually not terribly surprising to hear that, though as a guy who covers film and will have to see the movie one way or another, I'm pleased that Pattinson said it. "Eclipse" is of course directed by David Slade, the man who also helmed "30 Days of Night" and "Hard Candy."

This is a guy who knows how to unsettle, and who knows how to make vampires scary. "Eclipse" is undoubtedly going to toe some sort of line; the fans simply wouldn't allow for a proper horror movie to happen, nor do I think Meyer's story would support such a genre shift. Still, it's encouraging to hear that Slade's dark magic has somehow left an impression on the popular vampire franchise.

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