2010 MTV Movie Awards -- The Official Live Blog Is Right Here!

Hello and welcome to all! The 2010 MTV Movie Awards are here, and I'll be guiding you through the show with ongoing commentary and observations as it all unfolds. This is MTV's official awards show live blog. Keep your browser locked right here for updates throughout the night. Also make sure to keep checking our MTV Movie Awards backstage live blog; there, MTV Splash Page editor Rick Marshall will be feeding you insider updates from backstage at the show throughout the night.

Will Zach Galifianakis beat out Gabourey Sidibe for Biggest Breakout Star? Will Johnny Depp or Daniel Radcliffe emerge victorious in the heavily "Twilight"-favoring new category, Global Superstar? And which box office titan will walk away with the golden popcorn for Best Movie? Did the Twilighters come out in force to support Stephenie Meyer's vampires or will James Cameron's all-time top-grossing box office sensation be the victor? All of the answers are still to come... watch it all unfold after the jump!

8:45pm It's been a great red carpet show. Exclusive looks at "The Last Airbender" and "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World", a look at the Enrique Iglesias/"Jersey Shore" music video and plenty more. Look for breakout stories as the night goes on and in the coming days. For now... on to the awards show! After a "Jersey Shore" season two sneak peek, that is!

9:00pm And awaaaaaaaaaaay we go! Les Grossman is here to start us off with a special message. I wonder what those "Jersey Shore" kids think of his dancing.

9:04pm Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are "BAD ASS COPS"!!! Michael Cera has a new job as Grossman's bookends. And... oh snap, he just called Will Smith Fresh Prince! It's all good though-- "Karate Kid" star and Smith's son Jaden unleashed some sweet, delicious whoopass. Awesome.

9:05pm Here comes the trademark movie spoofage, with host Aziz Ansari...

9:07pm First some "Precious" play and then Justin Bieber blowing his hair?! And an explosion of Bieber faces?!!?! Crazy times.

9:09pm Aziz was a great choice to host the show. "Parks & Rec" is great, but you know he was also on "Scrubs" last season, right? He was eventually kicked out of his residency for acting like a pothead... which he might've been. And now he's riffing on 3-D. Readers: which unreleased 3-D movie are you most looking forward to seeing?

9:10pm It's official: Aziz Ansari, a proud member of Team Edward. And he loooooooves that spider-monkey line....

9:12pm "And the wolf's nuts are on his shoulder." This seriously sounds like Aziz's amazing live tweet coverage of the first two "Twilight" movies. Have you read that?

9:14pm The stars of "The Grown-Ups" are here to convince us all to see their movie. Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider, Kevin James and David Spade. Is that enough for you? They... don't seem very excited, do they? Who cares? BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE TIME!!! My money's on KStew. This is MTV, right?

9:15pm You can never go wrong betting on a "Twilight" win when it's awarded by MTV fans. "I guess 'Twilight' is really awesome?" Do you agree, Twilighters? You go peace out, Kristen. Your win was a foregone conclusion. Go enjoy your night until your next visit to the stage.

9:16pm A very important PSA from T.I.: there is still time to cast your vote for Best Movie. GO DO IT NOW!!!

9:21pm The "Get Him To The Greek" folks! Jonah Hill! Diddy! Russell Bland! Wait, what? That's what Aziz said!

9:23pm Jonah, Team Jacob. Russell, Team Edward. Diddy... not a "Twilight" fan. So Russell helps him understand the conflict through the lens of the East Coast/West Coast rap beefs. ...riiiiight. Did anyone see "Greek"? Diddy steals it, no question. That dude is hilarious.

9:25pm Anna Kendrick wins Best Breakout Star! Wow, that's a surprise! I was banking on Zach Galifianakis. You readers/viewers spoke though... so tell me why? Why did Anna win over the others?

9:26pm Ladies and gentlmen... Ed Helms singing his tiger song from "The Hangover." With a frightening interpretive dance from supporting star Ken Jeong, who did not play a tiger. Dude's got balls. I know, I can see them.

9:29pm AHH! It's LES!!!! He saved us from crappy art-dance! To give us some of that trademark Ludacris hip shaking, introduced by Luda himself. And is that.... holy crap! It's J. Lo!!

9:30pm Haha... Les and J. Lo parted with a fist bump. That was an amazing little dance number. None of that matters now though... THE "HARRY POTTER" SNEAK PEEK IS COMING!!!

9:37pm Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, "Dinner for Schmucks" stars, presenting a new category: Best Scared As S--t Performance. This is a tough category. I heart all of the nominees big time. I think Sharlto's was probably the best in "District 9." My favorite. But Amanda Seyfried takes it, for "Jennifer's Body." I get it. If Megan Fox were eating people at my school, I'd be scared as s--t too.

9:38pm That "Potter" clip was WAY TOO SHORT! BUT AWESOME! November is way too far away! Stay tuned readers, Sandra Bullock is accepting her Generation Award soon.

9:42pm While we're on a commercial break... y'all are watching "The Hard Times of R.J. Berger" after the awards show, right? It's like "Hung" meets "Superbad"! And it's written by Seth Grahame-Smith, author of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" and "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"!

9:44pm Best Kiss presentation from Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel. And they're making people kiss with a handy Kiss Cam! Watch everyone feeling uncomfortable! And now watch the whole world feel uncomfortable at the sight of Russell Brand and Jonah Hill groping each other!

9:45pm Kristen and Rob are going to win of course. But will they actually kiss on stage this year?!?!!?

9:47pm Gah! The cable is messing up here! It keeps freezing! This looks really awkward though. And once again, no kiss. Bye bye Kristen and Rob. We'll see you when you intro the "Eclipse" clip.

9:48pm Now it's time for some "California Gurls" with Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg. No Twitter-verse, Katy will NOT be disrobing onstage tonight. But she's sure stuffed into that bikini.

9:52pm What a great deal it must be to be Snoop Dogg. Dude doesn't really have to do anything anymore. He can just sit there and look pimp and that's enough. But no, he's better than that. And really, he can still rhyme with the best.

9:57pm I know it's not real, but "Stunt Kidz" looks AWESOME! Who WOULDN'T want to watch an 8-year-old fly headfirst into the mouth of an alligator?! For anyone who's confused, here we have Aziz and Paul Scheer back together for a little "Human Giant" reunion.

9:59pm Listen to that crowd cheering Betty White. And here comes Sandra Bullock, who is looking absolutely radiant and thrilled to be there. Hell, listen to that crowd cheer for her! The outpouring support for his is very touching, and it's great to see her enjoying herself. Even with Bradley Cooper's goofy jokes.

10:02pm Readers! Which Sandra Bullock role is your favorite? Mine is "Demolition Man." No, really! Also, Betty White brings far more funny than Bradley Cooper does.

10:05pm Congrats Sandra. An Oscar, more than half a billion dollars worth of tickets sold in 2009 and Hollywood's favorite sweetheart. You are a star. And now you are owning this moment. Do it, girl. You earned it.

10:09pm I'd have some really pithy comments about Sandra calling out Scarlett Johansson for being there, but OUR CABLE KEEPS CUTTING OUT! HOLY CRAP AND NOW THEY'RE KISSING!!!

10:10pm "Go back to making fun of me," she says, closing with a reminder that we should be giving our prayers to the folks in the Gulf right now. Ever the class act. You rock, Sandra... we'll make fun of you tomorrow.

10:13pm And now here's the "Scott Pilgrim Vs the World" cast intro'ing Best WTF Moment. And it goes to... Ken Jeong? Sadness. I would've picked Bill Murray. To be fair, I'm old. And "Ghostbusters" is one of my all-time favorite movies. Ken was hilarious in "The Hangover," especially when he came bursting out of that trunk.

10:14pm Oh yeah, no R. Kelly tonight. Aziz does a solid impression though. And he just called out the lameness of the word "unobtainium." So... win! "F--k you, BP"? Yes, that's a reference to James Cameron calling the BP folks working on the Gulf oil spill "morons." And now here we have the "Other Guys" stars to award Best Villain.

10:17pm This must be the bit that Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg were talking about when they spoke to MTV's Josh Horowitz the other day. Many curse words were uttered. Did you see that? It's amazing. Provided you can understand what they're saying behind all of the bleeps.

10:19pm Tom Felton, THE Draco Malfoy, wins Best Villain. He's in "Get Him to the Greek" you know. He's got a great moment with Jonah Hill. Christoph Waltz looked so sad. It's okay Christoph. You can go home and curl up with your Oscar. We all know you were the greatest villain, not just of 2009 but of the whole, damn Aughts.

10:26pm Awwww... poor Jaden's never had a girlfriend. Wait a second! He's 11!! Oh wait, he was full of it. Just tell us who the Biggest Badass Star is already!

10:27pm RAIN!!! HOLY HELL YES!!!! Rain is one of the biggest pop stars in Asia, did you know that? I wouldn't have expected him to win this one. BUT! "Ninja Assassin" was 90 minutes of freaking awesome. The opening scene is off the charts! And here are the "Twilight" stars to steal that thunder with YOUR "ECLIPSE" CLIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:30pm A very talky scene, lots of dire warning and angry tones. I would've liked some action, but something tells me I'm not the intended audience. So Twilighters: what do you think? How was the clip for you? Did it bring what you wanted? Is there something else you would have rather seen?

10:32pm Can we talk for a minute about how awesome it is that you all picked Rain as the Biggest Badass Star? He kicked some incredible ass in "Ninja Assassin." If you haven't seen it, you should correct that. Be warned though: it's violent and gory.

10:36pm Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Biel presenting Best Male Performance. Will it be Team Edward or Team Jacob? There are only two contenders in this category, right? My money's on Taylor. He took his shirt off for crying out loud!

10:37pm A shirtless werewolf is no match for the might of RPattz. Look at him double-fisting those golden popcorn statues. FYI: he not only won Best Male Performance, he ALSO won Global Superstar. And now we're onto this CRAZYASS sci-fi set for Xtina's performance.

10:43pm So... the light-up heart... was on... her... crotch? Um... standards? Legal? That's cool? Really?


10:50pm I don't care that Taavon is obviously Aziz. I'd hire him to help my swagger. He made Zach Galifianakis cry! Did you see "The Hangover"?! That dude knocked a baby into a car door! Quote of the night: "I only sit on things that are purple." I might have to adopt that credo.

10:51pm Zac Efron, the dreamiest. The real question: which "Hangover" star wins Best Comedic Performance? I say Zach G. Because... well... you know.

10:52pm Zach G didn't make it tonight. He had a palm reading or something. No, really! He told us exactly that!

10:57pm Best Movie is minutes away. And I think the night is going to end with "Avatar" getting swept.

10:58pm "Knight and Day" stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to hand off the Best Movie award. You can cut the spiel, guys. "New Moon." We know, it's okay. We're all okay. ...wait. What did Cameron just say?

11:00pm "New Moon." OME?

11:01pm NoME. No one's surprised. You know what IS surprising? The censors just missed a big, fat F-bomb from the Fatch! AND ANOTHER ONE! Fantastic. Also, Facinelli's Dire Straits shout-out wins big points in this newsroom.

11:03pm Show's over, live blog's over. Thanks everyone for tuning in. This was truly an EPIC MTV Movie Awards show, and it's all thanks to you guys. So pat yourselves on the back and have a good night!