MTV Movie Awards Backstage Live Blog!

MTV Movie AwardsEven if you could get a ticket to this year's MTV Movie Awards, there's one place you still wouldn't be able to see all the action: backstage.

Never fear, though, because your crack team of MTV News correspondents are in the thick of it, backstage and behind the curtain, willing to bring you all the details about the stuff you won't see on television. we'll tell you who's hanging with who, what they're up to off stage, and everything else the cameras might not catch.

So keep it locked to this post all night for updates throughout the big show. It's MTV Movie Awards time, folks — and we've got your exclusive peek backstage!

7:11pm The Situation, Snooki, JWoww and Pauly D just passed by the patio on the way to the Red Carpet. The Situation is rocking some fresh lines in his hair. JWoww positively popping out of her pink dress. Snooki looking super-bronzed and teetering on crazy high heels. Mike said, "I don't even know who's here but I can't wait."

7:16pm Aziz looking cool, calm and collected as he chats on a cell phone on the patio. Got his dress shoes on and plaid shirt. Look for him to pop on the pink ruffle dress shirt before he hits the stage.

7:32pm Aubrey Plaza and Donald Glover on their way into the Gibson. She's looking lovely in a cream dress...very un-"Parks and Rec"-like. Glover opted for a tailored pinstripe suit instead of a Spider-Man suit.

7:36pm Xtina's mic stand is nuts. Red metal lips up the stem, in keeping with her Spider Queen vibe for the live performance.

7:40pm An NBC reunion! Ed Helms and Aubrey Plaza giving Aziz a pre-show pep talk. As opposed to Aubrey, Ed could double for his "Office" character Andy Bernard in a blue suit and blue plaid shirt.

7:41pm: Katie Holmes has arrived! Security is everywhere!

7:47pm T.I. is up at the limo drop requesting extra passes for his entourage.

7:55pm Logan Lerman just finished with the carpet, and says Jackie Chan looked the hottest. Also...he knows where Waldo is...up on the red carpet. Logan thinks Zach Galifianakis is gonna beat him for Breakout Star. His costar Alexandra Daddario is looking lovely in a tight black dress.

8:00pm Betty White is here! Let's all bow our heads and pay respects to the queen of this year's show.

8:02pm Katy Perry just swooped in. Her hair is blue. I repeat, her hair is blue.

8:05pm Stephanie Pratt looks like she left the bottom half of her dress at home.

8:08pm Jonah Hill is rocking gray Nikes, jacket and tie. He's going over the script, studying his lines for tonight. The dude is a pro.

8:09pm Xtina's bassist described her mindset in a word: focused.

8:13pm Inside the Gibson, show-goers are answering trivia questions on the big screen. Can you get this one right? In New Moon, when Bella first awakens, what book is next to her face?

8:14pm Scarlett Johansson giving air kisses to her friends milling about. She didn't seem to notice David Spade slip in behind her.

8:20pm Don't even know how to describe Xtina's dress. Lord knows how she plans to dance in that dress.

8:25pm Jaden Smith's multicolored leather jacket matches his multicolored braces.

8:29pm Paul Scheer is one funny dude. He's looking forward to having an "ab off" with Taylor Lautner.

8:35pm Just talked to Jaden Smith. He wants to be in a vampire movie with Robert Pattinson! Video to come!

8:38pm T.I is kicking back on a bench drinking pink lemonade. It matches his pink shirt.

8:42pm Lindsey Lohan in a sparkly jumpsuit straight outta "Flashdance" or something.

8:46pm Jason Segel tells me he's hoping his night ends drinking at a bar with Hillary Clinton.

8:50pm Jason Segel tells me next year's show will have to create a new category for "Get Him To The Greek": Best Movie Of All Time.

8:51pm Steve Carell carrying yellow script pages and looking uber-serious. Smile, Steve, you're at the Movie Awards!

8:53pm Katie Holmes and her crazy hot purple heels just sauntered by.

8:54pm Peter Facinelli is catching up with Seth Green and his new bride.

8:55pm Elizabeth Reaser just popped over to join that group. Vampires are everywhere tonight!

8:58pm Taylor Lautner walking through the patio and into the Gibson. I think the show can begin now.

9:00pm Robert Pattinson steps out of his black SUV. Fans outside Universal tram screamed like crazy. He waved and walked inside. Fans are still screaming!

9:10pm power. Can't type fast enough!

9:12pm The "Jersey Shore" crew is now backstage. Everyone wants to chat with them!

9:18pm Kristen Stewart is back out on the patio after her win. She's not holding her Golden Popcorn. But she's sharing a laugh with her reps.

9:20pm after a quick breather, Kstew is headed back to her seat...

9:22pm Taylor Lautner just swaggered his way through the patio.

9:24pm Mike Tyson and The Situation just had a mini bro session.

9:28pm Robert Pattinson and I just exchanged hellos. He might come back to chat with us. Stay tuned!

9:31pm Snooki is in a trance as she watches J-Lo on the backstage flat screen.

9:34pm Ken Jeong is in a blue robe and seeming like this is the greatest night of his life.

9:36pm Katie Holmes is getting hugs and high-fives for Tom Cruise's Les Grossman performance.

9:37pm Katy Perry's California Gurls are headed inside. That's a whole lot of day-glo right there.

9:39pm Katy Perry's dancers are making their way through the patio, completely in neon, and they skated past Lindsay Lohan, who got an incredibly warm reception from the people backstage. She chatted with a bunch of people.

9:41pm Ed Helms in his skin-tight cloud suit is freaking me out. I don't think he has any intention of taking it off. He looks quite at home.

9:42pm Been examining Pauly D's blowout up close. Fairly certain it's bulletproof.

9:45pm Anna Kendrick walking backstage: "Has anyone seen Kristen? Has anyone seen Kristen?" We have. She just walked to the Green Room with RPattz!

9:46pm ScarJo and her entourage are headed inside!

9:50pm Pauly D just shouted at the TV for Rob and Kristen to kiss!

9:55pm Diddy is doing business on his Bluetooth. Diddy's all-business, all the time.

10:06pm Rpattz just walked through patio again. Some kisses all around.

10:13pm While EVERYONE backstage was watching Sandra Bullock speak, Katie Holmes walked by. She's 9-feet tall.

10:20pm Jessica Alba just snuck into the show through the back way. Lots of black and sparkles on.

10:24pm A gaggle of dancers just walked by. Based on their garb, they must be headed to Xtina's performance.

10:29pm Will Ferrell says he forgot to pee before getting in the harness. Whoops!

10:31pm Bradley Cooper just gave Taylor Lautner a huge hug and said, "Awesome!"

10:53pm Robert Pattinson just stopped and chatted with us backstage. He says three awards tonight is not enough. He wants more.

10:57pm Russell Brand, Katy Perry, Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens are chatting it up before they leave. "Can I go to the bathroom?" Perry asked as she moved on.

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