Wondering How Robert Pattinson Makes It To The Movie Awards On Time? One Talent Wrangler Tells All!

At the MTV Movie Awards, every second counts. That means that the people in charge of making celebs end up where they need to be on time have a pretty high-octane job once show day comes along. And that means sometimes they need to make sure certain celebs don't run into each other as well.

“We do have some beefs sometimes that happen between certain celebrities. I want to keep them nameless,” Ted Absher, a Movie Awards talent wrangler, told us inside the Gibson Amphitheatre where he was putting the final touches on the big show’s talent wrangling plans. Now, as much as we want to know who those people are, he says the Movie Awards isn’t usually the place for beef.

“But yes there are times we do have to keep people separate from each other that way we don’t have any problems,” he explained in those certain circumstances, adding that in addition to seating them very separately, “we have to make sure that our timings right so that we don’t cross paths with them it does happen.”

He explains the movie awards don’t tend to have that problem. Why? “Rappers are a little bit more beefy.”

When does it get really stressful? Absher explains, top of show as he’s trying to get all the celebs inside from the red carpet. “Sometimes it can be really crazy!” he revealed. “So basically I’ve been as close as one minute where we’ve had a talent on the red carpet where press wants to keep interviewing them… and the stage managers are yelling. I’ve literally had to grab someone and run them in. We’ve always been pretty successful [getting people inside on time]. Knock on wood! We haven’t missed it!”

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