MTV Movie Awards Host Aziz Ansari Pulling For Naked Tom Hanks, Bare-Knuckle Brawls

Quick, who would win in a fight between Johnny Depp and Ronnie from "Jersey Shore"? Aziz Ansari is hoping we'll find out when he hosts the 2010 MTV Movie Awards this Sunday at 9/8c. And he thinks the contrast between the two is what makes the show so special. "There's the biggest movie stars in the world and then people that are famous for saying 'bro' a lot," Aziz said. "I mean, those people are not going to be at other awards shows. Like Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore,' he's not going to be at the Oscars."

Aziz's other great hope? "How bout this time, Tom Hanks whips his balls out? Just onstage, whips it out there," he suggested. "That would be pretty crazy, right? That would get on Twitter!" Check out his full thoughts in the video below, and then click here for more of our behind-the-scenes interviews.