MTV News Gets The Boot During A Super-Secret Movie Awards Rehersal

All week MTV News has been on hand to give you, our loyal readers, all the behind-the-scenes scoops from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles where the 2010 MTV Movie Awards are set to take place this Sunday. And, for the most part we've been successful in giving you the bird's eye view of what it's like to put together a major awards show. But, earlier on Friday that wasn't the case.

As we made our way inside the venue where this year's show is set to take place, it seems like we arrived just at a time when we weren't supposed to. As we got there we were told it was a "closed rehearsal." "You can't be here, man," one man, who seemed to have authority, told us.

"We need privacy," another hulked at us. And, just as we questioned who it was we were warned not to shoot, they closed the door on our faces. It seems there will always be one mystery: who was in that closed rehearsal? Was it Christina Aguilera? Was it Sandra Bullock? Was it no one and they just wanted to throw us off the scent of something in the works? Alas, we may never know. But, here we share with you our experience of getting kicked out of the Gibson.